Aims and Scope


Iranian Journal of Power Engineering (IJPE) dedicated to presenting top-level academic achievements in the fields of modern power systems and renewable energy resources by international researchers and engineers, and is an international medium for the publication of original papers concerned with the Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy systems. The journal aims at presenting important results of work in this field, whether in the form of applied research, development of new procedures or components, original application of existing knowledge or new design approaches.


The scope of IJPE is broad, encompassing all aspects of Electric Power and Energy Systems. Regular articles from both inside and outside of IRAN are welcome. The following list of topics is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to indicate topics that fall within the IJPE purview.

• Generation techniques ranging from advances in conventional electromechanical methods, through nuclear power generation, to renewable energy generation.
• Transmission, spanning the broad area from UHV (AC and DC) to network operation and protection, line   routing and design.

•Flexible Power Transmission and Distribution Technology.
• Substation work: equipment design, protection and control systems.
• Microgrid and Distributed Generation.
• Distribution techniques, equipment development, and smart grids.

• The utilization area from energy efficiency to distributed load leveling techniques.

• Power Electronics Technology in Power Systems
• Systems studies including modeling, control techniques, planning, optimization methods, reliability, stability, security assessment,  insulation coordination, power system transients and electricity market.