Large Disturbance Stability Analysis of Wind Turbine Implemented with DFIG

Document Type : Original Article


1 University of Bath, United Kingdom

2 Monenco Company, Iran


As one of the most promising Distributed Generation (DG) sources, wind power technology has been widely developed in recent years. Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) is currently employed as one of the most common topologies for wind turbine generators (WTGs). This generator operates as a synchronous/asynchronous hybrid generators. Therefore, it is necessary to power engineers find understand the characteristics of the DFIG better. This paper presents an analytical method for analysis of large-disturbance stability of DFIG. The proposed method is based on the concepts of stable and unstable electrical-mechanical equilibrium points, the electrical-mechanical torque versus rotor speed and Critical fault clearance time of DFIG. The results of analysis specify the effective parameters on the large-disturbance stability of DFIG too. By using this method ones can reduce the simulation efforts necessary to assess the large-disturbance stability of DFIG.